CREATE Science Seminar Series: Dr. Melanie Cooper, Dr. Becky Matz, Dr. Kinsey Bain, MSU


Wednesday, September 19, 2018 - 12:00pm to 1:30pm


133F Erickson Hall

Title: Extending a Coherent Gateway to STEM Teaching and Learning

Abstract: In 2013 MSU was awarded one of eight grants, from the Association of American Universities (AAU), that were intended to catalyze transformation in STEM education at research universities. This project, “Creating a Coherent Gateway to STEM Teaching and Learning,” focused on the gateway courses in biology, chemistry and physics because of their pivotal role in retention of students in STEM. Our goal was to use three-dimensional learning (3DL), a vision originally laid out by the Framework for K-12 Science Education, as a common framework around which transformation would be focused. The project involved efforts both to 1) support and inform faculty about how 3DL operates and could transform their teaching and learning and 2) develop approaches to assess the extent of the transformation.

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