Science Seminar Speaker: Dr. BaoHui Zhang, Shaanxi Normal University


Wednesday, March 13, 2019 - 12:00pm to 1:30pm


115 Erickson Hall

Title: STEM Fever - Is STEM Education Good for All?

Abstract: STEM refers to the four specific disciplines–Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. STEM education was meant to develop interests and competence for K-12 and college students to be able to work in STEM fields either as scientists or experienced workers after they graduate. However, people who proposed the STEM education idea may not be the people who stand on the ground to realize the goals of STEM education. Nevertheless, people have seen strong governmental “pushes” in many countries. Some institutions and individuals are also promoting STEM/Maker movement actively to make STEM a “hot” topic in the past a few years. There are several stages to the “chain of command” until STEM policies become STEM teaching and learning practices. Based on my experience in various countries that promoted STEM education and my recent trips to Michigan State University, Toronto (Canada), Buffalo, New York, and Washington DC, I hope to present the opportunities and challenges for researchers and practitioners in STEM education, especially in regard to the idea of “STEM Education for All,” and seek answers to several important questions by exchanging ideas with participants: 1) What is STEM education? 2) Who are the stakeholders of STEM education? 3) How can STEM ideas be realized in curricula? 4) How can all students benefit from STEM education? 5) How can international collaboration help gauge the direction of STEM education in different countries?

Bio: BaoHui Zhang is Qujiang Scholar professor, former dean, and doctoral student supervisor at the School of Education (SOE), Shaanxi Normal University (SNNU), Xi’an, China. He is president-elect of the International Council of Associations of Science Education (ICASE,, 2017-2020). With a doctoral degree from the School of Education at the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, 2003), he was on the faculty of College of Education at Michigan State University before. His teaching and research have been at the intersection of educational technology, science education and the learning sciences. He and his collaborators have been designing, implementing, evaluating and revising ICT integrated innovations in K-12 and university science/teacher education classrooms with consideration of technology, policy, learning objectives, curriculum, evaluation, teacher preparation and the like. His framework in designing effective learning environment has also expanded to lifelong learning, such as seamless learning environment. More information about Dr. BaoHui Zhang and his research group can be found here: